Sunny - Senegal Parrot

I'm Sunny the Senegal and I'm was wild caught. I'm approximately 20 plus year sold. No one is really sure because I was just walking through the rainforest one day when I was scooped up and brought to the United States. I was put in a breeding situation but I guess I didn't do well because I got sent to Rich Weiner at
A Refuge for Saving the Wildlife. Julie was fostering me and I fell in love with Felixx her female Senegal. Felixx and I play on our cage tops all day and have a great view of the trees from our window. In the summer we have our window open and I can smell the fresh breeze. I was injured at some point and have an partially amputated wing and my left eye is damage. I get along just fine as long as no one wants to touch me or hold me. I just love to eat and play with my toys. I'd love nothing more than to be back in Africa but because of my injuries and laws I have to stay here now. My mom's only wish is that I can live out the rest of my days happy if not free. I love Felixx so much I can almost forget about being wild, well almost.

November 2002

Sunny is a rescue bird from A Refuge for Saving the Wildlife. He came to foster with us in November 2002 after I went up to help Rich out at the Refuge. I saw him there in the isolation area, he had just come in. I already was fostering one of Riches other Senegals, Felixx. I thought he looked so scared and that I might be able to give him a happier life. He came to us after his vet visits were completed and his quarantine time was over. He is a good eater and devours almost a half cup of pellets a day plus his fresh veggies and fruit. He does get some seed as treats.


June 2003

This is me on the left and my girlfriend Felixx or Fe for short on the right. I love to preen Fe and feed her. Not that she needs feeding but I love her so much. I sometimes get carried away with my preening and she gets a bald spot on the top of her head. Good thing for me she doesn't care. Look how much my colors have improved and my feather quality too. I've just got to molt out the last of these dingy blacked tip green feathers and I'll be completely handsome. Maybe I can make the cover of Bird Talk.

March 2003

Here I am guarding my cage and all my new toys. I dare any of those greys to come near my stuff.


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