Strawberry - Rose Breasted Cockatoo

Summer 2001

My name is Strawberry and I'm a Rose Breasted Cockatoo. When I first met Julie this is what I looked like. This was in the summer of 2001. She stopped by The Polite Parrot to drop off her greys for boarding. She fell in love with me but I belonged to another family. Not too long after that my family moved to Texas from Chicago. I wasn't real happy in Texas so my mom called Michelle and asked if I could move back to Illinois. Michelle said yes that she thought her friend Julie might be able to help. I moved back to Illinois in December of 2003.

December 2003

This is what I looked like when I moved back to Illinois.

February 2004

I have feathers! I've been taking a special mixture of Bach Flowers Essences and have a really big new cage with lots of new toys. I get to come out of my cage everyday to play with the other parrots. I get a shower every few days to keep my dander down so no one sneezes when they are around me. My down give off lots of dust. I've got lots of things to keep me busy so I don't clip my feathers

This is a picture of me playing on the couch with my dad. I love to do sumersaults on his shoulder. I run up to his shoulder then sumersault down to his lap and run back up again. I get so excited that I jump up and down and scream at the top of my lungs. Dad says I'm just a crazy pink cockatoo!

April 2004

Happy Easter!

I just wanted to update you on my feather progress. I had 3 tail feathers but I broke one off when I was playing. I have lots of wing feathers now and the tops of my wings are all covered. I have feathers on my chest but you can't see them really well because when we take my picture they kind of blend into my grey fuzz. My back is almost completely covered with pretty grey feathers too. I'm so happy! I get to take showers several times a week to keep my feather dander down. I think it helps me with my preening too. I don't have as much dust so I'm not a itchy. I love to play in the bird room with my African Grey brothers and sisters. I especially like to play on the Java Tree. You can see it in the background.

Well, time for bed. I've had a busy day. I got lots of new toys for Easter and have been playing with them all day.




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