Smokey - Timneh African Grey

My name is Smokey. But mom calls me Smokey Joe. I'm an 11 year old Timneh African Grey Parrot. I am phobic and aggressive.

I was bought by a couple on vacation. I had an accident in my cage and got my left foot caught. It got infected and by the the time they noticed it, it had become infected and I had to have it amputated. They couldn't pay for all the medicine and care I needed so they left me with the vet. I was taken home by one of the staff at the vets office and lived there for several years. I then got put into a breeding program except they forgot to ask me if I was a girl or a boy. Well, they assumed I was a girl and put me in with a boy so I was scared and lived inside a nest box for 3 years. I developed a growth on my neck and got sick with psittacosis. I met my mom at the vets office. She was taking her dog in for a visit and the vet tech overheard her speaking about her birds. She asked if she might be interested in a Timneh African grey. Of course she couldn't say no. I met her the next week and I went home to live in isolation with my grandma. I couldn't live with the other birds because of my Psittacosis. Mom rushed me to our Avian Vet, Dr. Ness and he did tests on me to confirm my illness and evaluate my growth on my neck. I had malnutrition, Psittacosis and 3 calcified cysts on my neck the size of a peanut with e-coli bacteria in them. I got lots of medicine and an operation to remove the cysts. I feel much better now.

I have a huge cage set up for my handicap, lots of toys, great food to eat, and a bit TV to watch during the day. I live with my grandma but mom visits everyday. I get to play in the bathtub on weekends. I love the water and it feels good on my little stump of a foot. I have a red wiffle ball that I toss around and yell at in the tub. I flap and screech the whole time I'm in there. I like it best when I get out and mom wraps me in a big warm towel and we sit on the couch and I get my head scratched and dry off. I eat a lot food. Grandma feeds me all the time. I get pellets, fresh veggies, almonds and nutriberries. Not too much seed because that's all I ate my whole life before I got here. I have gained over 30 grams since I moved in. I love to play and chew up all my toys. I'm safe now and I know everyone loves me a lot because they tell me everyday. I have a mom a grandma and a great-grandma who is 96 this year. She spends her afternoons watching TV with me. We have a great time. She is teaching me how to talk.

I don't have any pictures of me when I got here because I was in such bad shape I didn't want my picture taken and mom didn't want to disturb me. This is me in my new cage at grandma's house. I'm still really camera shy. I don't like the flash.

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