Lily - Timneh African Grey Parrot

My name is Lily and I am a Timneh African Grey Parrot. I came from Wisconsin from a home that had teenage boys. The lady who had me went on vacation when I was about 2 years old and when she came back the top of my cage was dented and I had become severally phobic. When I came to live with my new mom here I came in a carrier and was covered in blood. I had been so frantic in my carrier that I had beaten my right wing to a pulp. I will never fly because I have damage all of the feather follicles on my wing and have a spot of skin that I bump every time I freak out and beat my wings. We think I might be Squeak's clutchmate because I came from the same pet store at about the same time. Mom talked to the pet store owner and she did say that she only had 2 of us at the time and remembers the lady buying me. Squeak is my roommate and we live next to each other.

December 2001

I'm really camera shy. I am so scared that when mom first fed me fresh veggies I thought that the broccoli was going to get me. The first few weeks I just sat in the upper corner of my cage and growled and if anyone came near my cage I would jump down and scream and throw myself on my back. Mom talked nice to me but I just don't trust anyone. You can just forget trying to get in my cage to clean or bring food or toys. I just can't stand it.


June 2002

I'm coming out of my shell more and more. I don't mind new foods now. I'm getting used to people moving around the bird room. Mom sits in front of my cage in the evenings and reads stories softly to me. Squeak sits on her shoulder. Mom is trying to get Squeak to show me that I shouldn't be afraid that mom isn't going to eat me.


December 2002

I've had some major break throughs in the past few months. I come out of my cage and sit on the door about once a month. I'm still real scared and I do run back in when anyone comes near me. I don't growl and scream as much anymore.


June 2003

Hey I'm stepping up off of the floor now. I still won't do it out of my cage but I'm working on it. I interact with some of the other birds now. Sparing and playing through my cage bars with them. My door is always open and I can come out during play time but I still prefer to stay in my cage mostly.


December 2003

I've come a long way baby. I have a huge new California Cage. I love it. The old one wasn't bad but now I've got lots of room to play and do fun stuff. I love toilet paper and adding machine tape. I will chew anything made of wood including the bird room walls. Dad had a fit but I hold a special place in his heart so I can do just about anything I want. I come out daily now and sit on my cage and play. I'm still not much on stepping up but I do defend my cage to intruders. I've got a spunky personality and I love to play and eat. I sit and watch TV with mom and dad when it suits me. No one around here pushed me to do anything I didn't want to do. It's taken me over two years now but I'm starting to really like people again. I'm still leery but coming along nicely.

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