Hanna - Congo African Grey Parrot

Hi my name is Hanna and I'm a Congo African Grey Parrot. I was rescued/purchased from a PetSmart Store. I was almost 2 years old when I was taken to my forever home. I was bought twice and returned because they said that I had a bad attitude. Now do I look like I have a bad attitude? I do have some medical problems that no one knew about until I went to a Avian Vet. I have a constricted throat. This means that my mom has to check and make sure that I don't get anything caught. I could choke very easy. So we live with it. And I get to have my beak pried open often to make sure there is nothing hiding back there. I love to snuggle and be held especially at night when we are watching TV. I love my flock mates. Squeak lives next door to me and we share a window overlooking our street. We get lots of bright afternoon sunshine. My boyfriend Nuk lives across the room from me and we play on the Java Tree together. I'm not much on climbing high. I fell a lot when I was younger because I chewed my wing and tail feathers. Below you will find my story and how my mom came to find me and bring me home.


July 2002

This is where I lived at the PetSmart Store. I was kept in isolation in a back room with no windows or lights. When they did come to change my water or pellets they turned my light off when they left and I was in the dark. I also had no toys at all in my cage except for the one my mom brought me when she came to visit. Thank goodness a really nice lady worked at the PetSmart and she saw my mom shopping and knew she liked African Grey Parrots. She asked if I would take a look at me and see if she wanted me. It was my last stop because I had been at several of the other PetSmart stores in the area and no one wanted to buy me. Mom saw me and that was it. She raised enough money to spring me from PetSmart with the help of her bird club and other friends. Then I had to go to the vet and be checked out. Boy that was fun.

August 2002

This is me after I got to my new home. I got to go outside in the yard and smell the fresh air and sit in the sun. Boy did that feel good. I got to play in the pool with the other greys that live here. We have so much fun. I got my first bath ever when I got to my new home. I was really dirty and dusty and had poop on my feet. I'm letting my wing and tail feathers grow back in. Lots of good stuff to eat too.

September 2002

Here I am out in the yard again. All this fresh air is great. I'm eating really good too. I get lots of fresh veggies, pellets, some seeds and almonds. Oh yeah, lots of fresh water. I love it so much I take a bath in it everyday.

November 2002

Here's a picture of me hanging out at my huge new cage. I live in the bird room now with all my other African Grey siblings. I lived with my mom's mother while I was in isolation and all of my tests were being checked to make sure that I was healthy. When they all came back good I got to meet all the other birds. I have lots of toys and things to do. I've quit chewing my wing feathers and spend lots of time preening my new feathers. My tail is completely filled in now.

January 2003

I'm kind of camera shy these days. The days are starting to get longer and I'm getting snippy like any other teenage girl. I don't like everyone touching me and but I love to sit on my mom's lap in the evenings and have my head and wings scratched. I tell her all the time. My favorite words are: scratch, scratch, tickle tickle, Polly want a cracker, Here, kitty kitty. I love to whistle too. My grandma is a great whistler and I know Bridge over the river Quai, and Smoke on the water. I learned that one from the TV commercials. We watch Scooby Doo so I love to yell at the top of my lungs, Sooooooby Dooooooooooooo! Then I get everyone else in the bird room going and before you know it everyone is saying it.



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