Felixx - Senegal Parrot

My name is Felixx but everyone calls me Fe. I'm a female Senegal Parrot. I'm a rescue bird from a Refuge for Saving the Wildlife. I meet my new parents at the Navy Pier Pet Show back in November 2002. My mom, Julie, was volunteering for Rich at the Refuge and I was the only small bird in the booth. No one had picked me yet to walk around with that day. I went right to her and rode around on her shoulder all day. When my new dad got there to pick mom up I saw him and there were little cartoon hearts fluttering around my head. Mom asked Rich if she could foster me and I went home with them. I fell in love with my new dad and the rest is history. I was adopted in a few weeks and now I live here in my forever home. I love my dad so much I just can't stand it. I don't even like when other people, including my mom come near me. I just want my dad. I call to him during the day when I see him going into his office. We watch TV together every night I especially like dinner time. I've got him pegged and can give him the boo-boo face until he gives me a crust of bread.

This a picture of me with my friend Sunny. Sunny has his own web page here on the site too. Sunny and I hang out together when my dad is busy working. I love Sunny almost as much as I love my dad. Sunny is really old but we take care of each other. I'm on the right side feeding Sunny dinner. I'm kind of chubby and Sunny is kind of skinny so I think he needs to eat more. Dad thinks it's disgusting when I feed him. He just doesn't understand.

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