Earl - African Love Bird - Peach Face

I'm Earl Grey. Mom always wanted to name one of her African Grey's Earl Grey but figured that she had more then enough African Greys and would never have another to name herself. So I'm her little Earl Grey. I've got spunk.


Mom went to a bird club meeting one Friday evening in June and her friend Sam was there who was a love bird breeder at the time. He had a cage full of 3 love birds and mom saw us and said, "Awe aren't they cute, whats with the little maniac?" That was me. She asked who they belonged to and Sam said we were all taken. "That's too bad", mom said. "That little crazy one is really cute." Aunt Michelle came over to sit with us and mom and her started talking. Mom mentioned something about the love birds that Sam brought and Aunt Michelle said they were for her. She was taking all of us home to finish hand feeding because our mom kicked us out of the next because more babies were on the way. Mom said she would help out with some of us if Aunt Michelle needed it until we had homes. Well, I went home and mom started hand feeding me and I grew up to look just like a miniture African Grey only I was all grey with no red tail. I grew and grew and didn't need to be fed anymore. No one seemed to want me and all my brothers and sisters went to stay with the homes that were hand feeding them. So I stayed here.

I hang out with the cockatiels and drive them nuts. I fly all around and in and out of the African Grey cages if I get the chance. I sneek away from my bird room and zoom in there and creat a ruckus. Then sit and look like, "What's going on with them?" I'm really spoiled. I get to ride around in my mom's pocket and sit on her head.
  I'm cute and I know it. I take every advantage of it too.
  When all the big birds got new cages this summer I got one too. Mom got a good deal on a giant California Cage for me. It's so big I can fly around in it and all my stuff fits too. I have lots of stuff. Dad said I didn't need a cage this big but mom thought I'd like it and I do. My water bowl is so big I can take a bath in it if I want to and sometimes I do.



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