Cockatiels - Perl, Ivy, Dusty Rue

I'm Perl and I am Julie's first bird. I was a Easter gift. My dad and mom went to buy some fish food one spring day and the pet store had me and another cockatiel. Dad started talking to the lady at the store while mom went to get her fish food by the time mom got back to dad he had me out of my cage and was talking to the lady about me. He put me on mom's shoulder and mom cringed and said, "I don't think I'm a bird person." Mom played with me a little longer and fell in love. I chirped and nibbled on her earring. Needless to say, I went home in a cardboard box with a new cage, some seeds, pellets and a book about cockatiels. Mom's been bird crazy ever since. I'm 6 years old this year and I'm doing great. I have 3 other cockatiels that I live with now. Ivy is my best friend. Mom still has time for me everyday. I still adore her. I sit on her shoulder when she works on her computer and Ivy squeaks at me from our cage.
I'm Ivy, Perl's best friend. Mom found me one cold and windy September day on her way to the drug store. I was caught in a bush with a broken wing. I went to the vet and they found out that I had a bacteria infection in my eye and in my crop. I got medicine and felt much better in a few weeks. I'm very skittish and don't like humans a lot. After my wing healed I had a cage next to Perl. It was just the two of us and things were good. I was very young when mom found me and she put signs up at the vets office and on trees in our neighborhood, but no one called. So after a few months she figured I was supposed to be hers. I'm all grown up now and very healthy. I still don't like humans much but I tolerate my mom touching me. I will step up and I've stopped hissing at everyone.

I'm Dusty, my best friend is Rue. We all live together with Perl and Ivy in a huge flight cage. Julie's mom heard me chirping outside her office window. Everyone kept hearing me but no one could see me. So they called Julie to come see if she could find me. So she came and scoped out the bushes by her mom's office and didn't see me. Several days later she came to pick her mom up from work and there I was eating out of the dumpster. She still had her towel and a carrier in her truck so she snuck back and got the towel and scooped me up. I went into her moms office so everyone could see what was making that funny noise outside their windows. I went to the vet and believe it or not got a clean bill of health. Nothing wrong with me except I needed more food. Again, Julie put up signs all over the place but no one called. Well I guess I belonged here too. So now I became part of the flock of tiels.
I'm Rue and I'm the only normal one around here. Everyone else is white and pasty. Not me! I've got color and boy do I know I'm different. I came one day with Aunt Michelle and stayed. A friend of Aunt Michelle got me at the same time Aunt Michelle got her Vivian. Vivian and I are sister and brother. Aunt Michelle's friend got a dog and the dog didn't like me so she decided to give me up. I fit right in and just decided to stay. I was grown up when I came here and wasn't handled much so I bit everyone and hissed every chance I got. I've been here almost 3 years now and I've become used to being handled and almost like it now. I love Dusty and we hang out together all the time. I get really freaked out if she gets too far away from me. I screech and carry on until she comes back. It's fun when we all take a shower we fly all over the bathroom in and out of the water.



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