Earl - African Love Bird - Peach Face

NEW Bird Room!
Completed 2005/2006!

This is what our bird room looked like when we started construction.
We rasied the room for 20ft and put a dormer on with 4 skylights in the bird room
and replaced the front window with a huge 5' x 7' window overlooking the trees and the street below.

These are various pictures of the project during construction.
We got a new roof, skylights, a new furnice and AC unit with air exchange
and HEPA filteration along with a evacuation vent to pull out dusty air.

These are pictures of our completed room.

Our Kitchen area complete with dishwasher and microwave.

No bird room would be complete without a comfy space for mom to sit
and read to us or watch our new 36" Flat Panel TV with DirectTV.

Our old bird room downstairs. Now converted back into the dining room.


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